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ULTIMATE TRADE-UP OFFER After the fantastic success of last year's offering and due to...περισσότερα
Πληροφορίες προϊόντος "ULTIMATE TRADE-UP"


After the fantastic success of last year's offering and due to continued demand, we have decided to launch a new ULTIMATE TRADE-UP OFFER in 2022 as well.

We would be happy to advise you  +49 7123 95 95 146

With software licenses without an update contract, you benefit from this offer in three ways:

  • An upgrade to the current software version DentalCAD ​​3.1 Rijeka without a refresh fee
  • A license equipped with all Ultimate Bundle DentalCAD ​​modules.
  • Access to every DentalCAD ​​software release released in the following 12 months

You have a valid update contract and would like to save costs in the future?

Depending on the license equipped with DentalCAD ​​modules, an upgrade to the Ultimate license is worthwhile, as the update fees for the Ultimate license are reduced compared to the regular update fees.
We would be happy to calculate your update costs and see how we can help you save costs.

What do I have to do to benefit from the ULTIMATE TRADE-UP OFFER?

First, check if it is a DentalCAD ​​Perpetual license that was activated on or before August 31, 2022.
If you need support, give us a call. Phone: +49 7123 95 95 146

What licenses can be submitted for the ULTIMATE TRADE-UP OFFER?
You can submit any DentalCAD ​​Perpetual or Flex license activated on or before August 31, 2022.

Are Flex licenses "Rental Licenses" also eligible for the upgrade?
Yes, please contact us for more details.

Does it matter if the Perpetual or Flex license upgrade contract has already expired?
No, it is not relevant whether the upgrade contract has expired or is still valid. You can use the ULTIMATE TRADE-UP OFFER in all cases.

What happens to the upgrade contract after activating the Ultimate Trade-Up offer?

A new one-year upgrade contract begins on the day of Ultimate Trade-Up activation. This upgrade contract will automatically renew unless cancelled. You are welcome to ask us about the Ultimate License Update Contract costs. The costs are currently €1990 plus tax.

Does it make a difference if the license has activated modules?
No, it makes no difference if modules are activated for the license. After purchasing the ULTIMATE TRADE-UP OFFER, the existing license is equipped with all missing modules and then contains all modules of the Ultimate Bundle.

What are the costs of the ULTIMATE TRADE-UP OFFER and are they fixed?
The costs are fixed - regardless of the age of the license, whether the license has an upgrade contract or any activated modules. The price is €5,000 excl. Tax. No additional fees will be charged (e.g. there is no refresh fee for this offer)

Do we need to exchange the dongle?
No, dongles do not have to be exchanged. The user keeps his existing dongle.

Order information

* After reviewing your request and fulfilling the requirements of the ULTIMATE TRADE-UP offer and receipt of payment, we will activate the new upgrade contract and send you the activation keys for the modules. In order to increase the offer, the dongle must be transferred from your previous dealer to Dentoo. In some cases, trader approval is required to process the ULTIMATE TRADE-UP OFFER. If no approval is given, we reserve the right to refuse the order in this case.

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StarCeram Z-Nature Ultra, Ø 99 mm StarCeram Z-Nature Ultra, Ø 99 mm
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FotoDent® model2 385 nm FotoDent® model2 385 nm
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DOF SNAP SCAN- 3D Gesichtscanner DOF SNAP SCAN- 3D Gesichtscanner
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2.199,00 € *
8.850,00 € *
FEP 127 Premium – 3 sheets (200x260 mm) FEP 127 Premium – 3 sheets (200x260 mm)
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από 36,61 € *
KeyPrint KeySplint Soft KeyPrint KeySplint Soft
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Dentoo Smart Glasses Dentoo Smart Glasses
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799,00 € *
abo exocad In-Cad Nesting abo exocad In-Cad Nesting
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exocad Implant Module exocad Implant Module
από 190,00 € *
Nesting Module Stand-alone Nesting Module Stand-alone
από 225,00 € *
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