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OneBite - Box of 24

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OneBite - Box of 24
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Περιεχόμενο: 24 pcs (5,25 € * / 1 pcs)

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How To Use: OneBite ™ provides accurate records for patients with both symmetrical and...περισσότερα
"OneBite - Box of 24"

How To Use:

OneBite™ provides accurate records for patients with both symmetrical and asymmetrical faces.  The OneBite system includes a 90-degree angle locking position that provides the dentist a right and left torque and a right and left movement for patients that have symmetrical faces.

For patients with asymmetrical faces, both bars work independent from each other giving the dentist flexibility to change the angles while still having the ability at the same time, to change the right and left torque and the right and left movement. OneBite is an all-in-one system, which registers exacting midline and horizontal esthetic planes.


This is a universal system that will transfer to any kind of articulator.  As a result of this, the dentist and technician are able to use any articulator of their choice.


The company’s proprietary plastic does not have any memory and is extremely resistant, making OneBite’s records even more accurate.  This system is also fully disposable and easy to use.  It offers a direct communication tool between the dentist and the laboratory with a high success rate in making sure that the ceramics are made to the exact specifications of the patient’s record.  OneBite now sets the standard in taking such a critical record for horizontal and midline esthetic planes.

Assembly Steps:

1. Loosen the fastener until you are able to position the horizontal bar at 90 degree angle from the vertical bar. Snap the bar into place using the nibs and lightly tighten the fastener.


2. Slide  arch into the rods with the tallest part of the vertical bar going up and the horizontal bar parallel to the arch.

3. If the rods are too close to the patient’s nose, place the nose extender between the arch and the rods to create more space. Remember to keep the nose extender in your office for the next case.

4. Place bite registration material on the lower arch of the patient’s mouth and on the OneBite arch. Let the patient bite down onto the arch then let the material fully set.

5. You are now in an ideal  90 degree angle locking position for symmetrical faces, adjust  the horizontal and vertical bar according to the facial features.

6. For asymmetrical facial features, the rods can be set to move independently from each other. Take the fastener off and flip the horizontal rod with the nibs facing the fastener. Place the fastener back and tighten.

7. Once the records are finalize, twist the fastener until extremely tight.

8. To permanently  preserve the records, place bite registration material all the way back of the holes and around the fastener.

9. When shipping the OneBite, make sure to detach the arch from the rods after your record has been secure.

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